A plant-based experience in the Mediterranean

5 Senses is a diverse hub that accommodates our culinary philosophy, based on Greek Mediterranean diet and centered, exclusively, in the balanced relationship between human and nature.

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Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your food at our nature-loving terrace.

5 senses Restaurant

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About us


A team of nature lovers, green enthusiasts and communicators of plant-based culture, dedicated to creating a culinary experience within an inner connection to nature.

Grounded to the roots of traditional Greek gastronomy, most dishes we serve hold a part of our history, using the same recipes we were passed on by our ancestors.

While, we are constantly looking over the horizon to introduce you to new plant-based ideas on the table and innovations that are not necessarily restricted to food.



Take a look at our plant-based food and drink suggestions for an exciting and balanced day in the island of Santorini.


Plant-based dishes, daily selections and interpretations of Greek Mediterranean for every occasion.

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Grab n' Go

Fresh-squeezed juices, delicious smoothies and healthy snacks on your island wandering.

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