Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
A vegan journey to the Greek cuisine

Greek vegan gastronomy

Every day we offer a great variety of appetizing vegan choices inspired by the traditional Greek recipes!


The ancient Greek philosophers deeply believed that food is a cure for both the body and the spirit.

In 5senses we embrace this idea and, using all the treasures of our land, from plants to grains, we create a vegan journey to the Greek cuisine.

Our Menu

Discover our Greek vegan culinary creations!

From morning until evening we are waiting for you with a wide selection of delicious vegan dishes!

Who we are

Consisting of talented culinarians, passionate about the Greek cuisine and its pure ingredients, our team aspires to introduce you to an authentic Greek vegan gastronomic experience.

Our menu is rooted in the rich culinary heritage of Greece and the principles of veganism that can be traced back to the great ancient philosophers, Pythagoras and Hippocrates.

Through traditional vegan recipes, based solely on the treasures of the generous Greek land, we bring to you delicious aromas, that are both creative and good for the body and soul.

Soothe your senses

Our Allergies Practices

We make utmost efforts, during our food processes and quality control, to protect the welfare of our guests.

Keep us updated on your allergies, so we can offer the enjoyment you deserve.