Our philosophy

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

At 5SENSES we strive to make the most out of the pure raw materials of Santorini and Greece to create dishes beneficial for the soul, mind and body. Our philosophy about vegan food is rooted in the ancient philosopher Pythagoras who believed that a vegan diet contributed to a healthy body, while Hippocrates also emphasized the importance of healthy eating and how a balanced diet has healing properties.

Today, we continue the legacy of our ancestors, promoting a healthy lifestyle, through Greek gastronomy, and focusing both on the nutritional value of a vegan diet and its incredible taste. In an elegant setting we aim to offer a sensory dining experience based on the authentic Greek cuisine that has always been vegan!

Our story

2012 – The concept of 5SENSES was born out of our vision to share our love for healthy eating and to promote a plant-based approach to Greek cuisine through natural and pure ingredients.

2014-2020 - Throughout these years we studied thoroughly about veganism and the benefits of a plant-based diet to our body and the environment. At the same time, we developed our original ideas and practices behind the concept of 5SENSES.

2021 – Our idea came true! 5SENSES became the first restaurant in Santorini to offer an exclusively vegetarian and vegan menu. In the center of Fira, we welcomed all food lovers to treat with healthy, plant-based Greek and Mediterranean recipes.

2022 – This was the year we decided to shift into a 100% vegan menu and to offer a range of gluten and lactose free options, without compromising the delicious taste.

2023 – In 2023 we aim to elevate your dining experience with new creative vegan recipes and a healthy menu that consists of gluten free dishes by 90%. We heavily focus on seasonality, fresh local ingredients and sustainable practices to support a greener way of life.


At 5SENSES your gastronomic experience is totally aligned with the protection of the environment, an issue that today has become more relevant than ever before. Our vegan menu reflects our love for nature and is based on handpicked ingredients sourced from local producers of Santorini and Greece, who share our values.

Our approach to sustainability, though, goes beyond the basics. From our equipment to composting, we have taken care of every single detail in order to minimize our environmental impact.

Our strategies:

  • Reducing energy consumption by implementing eco-friendly cooking practices and using energy-efficient equipment
  • Reducing water usage by monitoring the water flow in our kitchen and using a filtration system
  • Reducing the use of plastic, glass and paper
  • Recycling materials and composting food waste