5 Senses Concept

A sensory experience of plant-based cuisine, where you can feel and be yourself in an inner connection to nature.

These are only some words to describe the diverse hub we have created to accommodate our culinary philosophy based on Greek Mediterranean diet and centered, exclusively, in the balanced relationship between human and nature.

Vegetables, fruits and other earth products are daily prepared, flavored and served by a team of nature lovers, green enthusiasts and communicators of plant-based culture.


The day starts with a plethora of breakfast selections to serve your morning rituals, and continues during lunchtime with customary Greek dishes, we know you love, and delicious alternatives that will definitely excite your taste palette.

In an exceptional atmosphere, evenings become a vehicle to explore Greek gastronomy with an interplay of flavors, selected wines from local producers and intimate moments for life.

During the day and night, you will find fresh-squeezed juices, delicious smoothies, a vegan frozen yogurt and soft ice cream selection at our Grab n’ Go store, to maintain your balance and treat yourself with something special at any time.


Our menu brings a refreshing perspective around traditional and modern dishes of the Greek Mediterranean.

Grounded to the roots of traditional Greek gastronomy, most dishes we serve hold a part of our history and culture, using the same recipes we were passed on by our ancestors.

While, we are constantly looking over the horizon to introduce you to new plant-based ideas on the table and innovations that are not necessarily restricted to food.


The heartwarming environment we have designed, respects nature and looks after its visitors.

Experience the cooling breeze of fresh air, the scent of blooming flowers, the soothing sounds and the calming view of the Aegean sea, all as one, at our specially reformed terrace.

Colours, textures and shapes interact with the guests, in a way that exceeds visual perception, creating the perfect setting to enjoy your greens.


5 Senses is situated in a walking distance from the Archaeological Museum of Fira and the St. John Cathedral, near Santorini Cable Car at Fira, Santorini.